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Part # BB366

BB366 All American (Steel) Coolant Overflow tank. 

Material: Steel

Part # BB366SS

BB366SS All American Coolant Overflow tank

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # BB366

Part # BB367SS

BB367SS  New style All American Coolant Overflow Tank. 

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # BB367SS Side View

Part # BB367SS Back View

Part # OEM Plastic Tank Example

Part # Tank Installed

Part # BB566SS

BB566SS. Coolant overflow tank (Vision) Fits 2011- present.

FYI- If your bus is a 2011 model, but the build date is 2010, look at your tank. If it has the black metal straps mounting the tank to the firewall order the BB266SS coolant tank.

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # BR005

BR005  Replacement bracket to secure dual AC compressors on BB Conventional Buses equipped with AC. Twice as heavy duty as OEM bracket.

Material: Steel

Part # CB04SS

CB04SS  Stainless Steel Hinge. 3"W  X  1/2" pin  X  3/8" hinge OD  X  6' L. 

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # CB04BSS

CB04BSS  Stainless Steel Hinge. 3"W  X  1/2" pin  X  3/8" hinge OD  X  3' L.  

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # CB100

CB100   Brass Sight Glass w/reflector.  7/8\" hex

Part # CB103

CB103  ID number backing plate. 7" x 14".

Material: Galvanized

Part # CB103SS

CB103SS  ID number backing plate. 7" x 14".

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # Decals

Decals. Call us for pricing and special requests.