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Part # AT104

AT104   E door repair kit (2 pc kit)  Fits both older IC and Amtran E doors.  36 7/8” wide x 4 3/8” tall at middle of cap x 6 3/8” tall at end of cap. 

Part # AT105

AT105 Amtran/IC  Entrance Doors. Doors come complete with skins and internal tube mounting pins. And door track. Picture shows only tube frame for easier identification. These are for the older style Amtran/IC outward opening. Steel tube channel NOT aluminum.

Part # CB101SS

CB101SS  E door handle escutcheon

Material: Stainless Steel

Part # IN204

IN204  E Door repair cap kit (2 pc kit).  Fits newer IC models. Approx 2006 and newer. 61" T door  36 7/8" W  X  4 11/16" T at middle of cap  X  7 7/8" T at end of cap. 2 PC

Part # IN205

IN205  IC E Door REPLACEMENT door bottom. Remove lower glass and rubber. Cut damaged door bottom off and replace with our new bottom. 37"W  X  12 1/4" T up sides. Has 3"T guide posts included. Fits newer IC E Doors 61"T with outside handle indentation in metal and inside hinges. Etch Primed.

Part # IN230B

IN230B  IC Lower Door Brass Bushing 

Part # IN230N

IN230N  IC Lower Door Nylon Bushing

Part # IN265F

IN265F IC Aluminum Door Bottom Replacement. Front Door  COMING SOON!


Part # IN265R

IN265R IC Aluminum Door Bottom Replacement. Rear Door  COMING SOON


Part # INAT108

INAT108. IC Entrance Door steel channel. Holds rubber molding. Fits older model Amtran/IC steel outward opening entrance doors and handi cap doors.

Part # INAT112

INAT112  Handicap door repair cap for bottom of door. 44" L  X  7" T

Part # INAT256

INAT256. IC- Amtran Lower Door support 1 1/2" W x 36 1/16"L  w/pins

Material: Galvanized