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Side Body Parts

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Part # T208R

T208R. (Transit) Right side skirt panel angled to bumper. 76 1/2" L  X  20 3/8" T. Tapers to 12 3/8"  at end of panel.

Part # T208L

T208L. (Transit) Left side skirt panel angled to bumper. 76 1/2" L  X  20 3/8"T. Tapers to 12 3/8" at end of panel.  

Part # T209

T209  Rear Bumper Trim Between bumper and side panel. Fits older Thomas bodies and C2 bodies. 9 3/4"T  x  3"W

Part # T210

T210  Rub Rail End Cap. 5" L. We made ours to fit over the rub rail.

Part # T213

T213  Rear Mud Flap Bracket Conventional. 15 3/4”tall X 23” wide W/ 2" bend (fits front or rear of wheel well)

Part # Part# T214T

T214T Rear Mud Flap Bracket Transit. 22" tall X 24" wide  W/bend and notches

Part # T215

T215  Mud Flap Bracket. Transit. Front wheel well behind tire. 16"W  X  26"T with bend and notched mounting holes. 

Material: Galvanized

Part # T216

T216  Mud Flap Bracket. Transit. Front wheel well in front of tire. 16"W  X  16"T  with notched mounting holes.

Material: Galvanized

Part # TWW51

TWW51  Wheel Well Repair Arch. 24"W  X  73"L

Material: Galvanized

Part # TWW52

TWW52   Wheel Well Back Plate. 40 5/8"L  X  13 1/2"T  with bend.

Material: Galvanized

Part # TWW53

TWW53   Wheel Well Inner Repair Panel. 2 pcs.  9 1/2"T  X  68"L. 

Material: Galvanized

Part # TWW54

TWW54   Wheel Well Outer Repair Panel. 13"T  X  64"L  with 1 1/2" lip.

Material: Galvanized