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Side Body Parts

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Part # CA201

CA201  Crown Carpenter Rub Rail Splice. 4"T  X  6"W

Material: Steel

Part # CA341

CA341  Wheel Well Ring. Fits 1999 and older models. Will not work on 2000 models. 49 3/4" at bottom of arc.

Material: Steel

Part # CA342

CA342  Wheel Well Ring. Fits 2000 models only. 46 3/4" wide at bottom of arc.

Material: Steel

Part # CA406

CA406 Skirt panel 16”T x 96”L with bend

Material: Galvannealed

Part # CA411

CA411  Side panel 46"T  X  87 1/2"L with skirt bend

Material: Galvannealed

Part # CA421

CA421  Gusset 2 3/4”W x 5” W x 13”T (14 gauge)

Material: Galvannealed

Part # CA600

CA600.  Side roof rib bow repair. 24”L

Material: Steel